I apologize for any confusion, but as an AI language model, my knowledge is based on information available up until September 2021, and I don’t have access to the latest KitchenAid product documentation. Therefore, I don’t have the specific baying guide for KitchenAid ranges.

However, I can provide you with some general guidelines for baying appliances, including ranges, that may be helpful. When baying KitchenAid ranges or any other kitchen appliances, it’s important to refer to the manufacturer’s installation instructions and guidelines specific to the model you have or plan to purchase. These instructions will provide you with the necessary information to safely and correctly bay the ranges together.

Here are some general tips to consider when baying appliances:

1. Clearances: Ensure that you have the appropriate clearances between the appliances. This allows for proper ventilation and operation. The installation instructions should provide the recommended clearances for each side of the appliance.

2. Leveling: Make sure that the appliances are leveled during installation. This ensures stability and proper functioning. Adjust the leveling legs or use shims as needed to achieve a level surface.

3. Securing the appliances: Depending on the model and installation requirements, you may need to use brackets, screws, or other means to securely attach the appliances together. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure a safe and secure installation.

4. Electrical and gas connections: If your KitchenAid range requires electrical or gas connections, it’s important to have these properly installed by a qualified professional. Ensure that all connections are in accordance with local building codes and safety regulations.

To obtain the specific baying guide for KitchenAid ranges or for any further assistance, I recommend reaching out to KitchenAid customer support directly. They will be able to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information for baying their range models.






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